NofaMarsac conducts inspections of tanker vessels before maintenance and repairs and issues the requisite certificates.

In order to comply with Dutch national and local port safety regulations, tanker vessels are required to be certified before entering a shipyard or dry dock for planned maintenance or repairs.

NofaMarsac is qualified to conduct inspections to issue these required certificates. Our team comprises of qualified and highly experienced marine chemists.

During our inspections, we pay special attention to atmosphere testing of empty tanks, enclosed and confined spaces. Ensuring they are free of inflammable or toxic gases allows maintenance work and repairs to be done safely. We issue certificates and permits including health and safety certificates, "gas-free" certificates, and "hot work" permits when needed.

We also offer training courses worldwide, whether on board of your vessel at anchorage, alongside or during dry docking, or on oil platforms or shoreside establishments.

We provide training courses on explosive gases testing, and confined spaces entry for ship crew members who regularly sail with dangerous goods, as well as oil ring personnel or process operators working in oil refineries and chemical plants.

Why Choose NofaMarsac?

  • Extensive years of experience
  • Highly experienced marine chemists
  • Sole Training Institute for Marine Chemists in The Netherlands
  • Satisfies the general acceptance conditions established in the Hobéon SKO Rules for Acceptance of Training Courses - also the requirements of SKO-Regeling SGT.

Request an Inspection

To learn more about NofaMarsac and our inspection and training services, or to request an inspection for your vessel, please contact us.

NofaMarsac Services

Certification and Training

NofaMarsac is qualified to issue certificates for tanker vessels in order to comply with Dutch national and local port safety regulations, as well as provide training courses for ship and oil ring personnel.

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Accidents & Emergency Response Services

NofaMarsac rapidly deploys resources worldwide in response to shipping accidents or dangerous cargo mishaps.

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