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Nofalab’s Pick-up Store

The Nofalab Pick-up Store offers essential equipment for clients to conduct onboard chemical tests on their ship tanks at sea, before loading.

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NofaLab increases dioxin analysis capacity

NofaLab’s new laboratory can offer a higher capacity, and a faster and more efficient service for its clients, for dioxin analysis.

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Nofalab doubles MOSH/MOAH analysis capacity

In support and compliance of recent European Standards, Nofalab has doubled its available capacity to analyse MOSH and MOAH contaminants in food.

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Nofalab Performs Ethylene Oxide Analysis

NofaLab, part of the Cotecna Group, offers various sampling and testing services, including Ethylene Oxide analysis, a substance that can cause cancer if breathed in certain quantities over a long period of time.

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Cotecna CEO visits NOFA team

In his recent visit to NofaGroup’s new office and laboratory in Rotterdam, Cotecna CEO Sébastien Dannaud gave a presentation to staff to mark the return to operation.

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