Cotecna CEO visits NOFA team

  • 6/24/2020

In his recent visit to NofaGroup’s new office and laboratory in Rotterdam, Cotecna CEO Sébastien Dannaud gave a presentation to staff to mark the return to operation.

On 17th June, Cotecna CEO Sébastien Dannaud made a visit to the Nofa office and laboratory in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As part of the visit, Sébastien gave a presentation to the whole team to acknowledge their hard work and spirit in overcoming recent challenges and to emphasize that, in line with our values, Cotecna will do what is needed to return to full-service capability.

Cotecna CEO Sébastien Dannaud presenting to Nofagroup team

Even though the current phase of the reconstruction means Nofa is in the midst of installing and validating, new equipment has arrived making sure that when Nofa returns to being fully operational, we will be able to offer our complete portfolio to clients. Nofa can now add to their collection new devices for dioxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), MOSH/MOAH and heavy metals. Luckily, the earlier started validation for pesticides is also progressing rapidly. The latest technology Nofa employs, and the consequent advancements they enable in the analysis of contaminants, will allow us to offer an even better range of services to our clients.

Despite the recent difficulties faced, and the constraints posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has not changed, the expertise and customer focus of our team. For now, Nofa is still able to help you out with qualitative and micro biological tests and we will give it our all to rebuild our contaminant analysis as soon as possible and even better than before. We remain as committed as ever to helping your business with your testing and analysis needs.

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