Nofalab doubles MOSH/MOAH analysis capacity

  • 5/4/2021

In support and compliance of recent European Standards, Nofalab has doubled its available capacity to analyse MOSH and MOAH contaminants in food.

Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons (MOSH) and Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons (MOAH) are hydrocarbons derived from mineral origins. The main source of these contaminants in our food comes from mineral oils.

Mineral oils, which consist of MOSH and MOAH, are widely applied as a fuel and lubricant in our daily life. Contamination of food with mineral oil may occur by migration of mineral oil containing products from packaging materials during the food production process and environmental contamination during agricultural production, or sometimes as adulterants.

It has been proven that mineral oils MOSH and MOAH can be harmful to humans in the long term. As they are increasingly found in our food, which may ultimately pose a risk to food safety, there is a growing demand for this analysis from the market and a consequent urgency to deliver the results. Nofalab has decided to double its capacity to analyse these relevant contaminants to support the increased demand from our clients.

Nofalab helps ensure that food safety analysis strictly complies with the utmost standards according to the EN 16995 with online LC/GC-FID. Please contact us if you need support with any food analysis or if you need any further information.

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