Nofalab Performs Ethylene Oxide Analysis

  • 3/31/2021

NofaLab, part of the Cotecna Group, offers various sampling and testing services, including Ethylene Oxide analysis, a substance that can cause cancer if breathed in certain quantities over a long period of time.

Due to the danger of the ongoing crisis with the Ethylene Oxide, which had emerged in the early 2020s, a strict supervision has been put in place in Europe to control the residues of this substance found in food products. In particular, it can be found in sesame seeds, which represents a huge challenge for producers, as they face the risk of having any product containing sesame seed prohibited in Europe. Moreover, high levels of Ethylene Oxide residues can also be found in some herbs and spices, such as ginger and peppercorns. As a result, producers need to ensure that their products respect the required norms, for which NofaLab can provide its expertise.

NofaLab is a sampling and testing laboratory specializing in the field of food, feed and environmental safety. Their extensive range of analytical methods for food and feed allows to detect the contaminant ethylene oxide after derivatization on the GC/MS headspace device with an in-house method. The LOQ that applies to this analysis is 0.01 mg/kg.

For any enquiry regarding Ethylene Oxide analysis or any other service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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