Nofalab’s Pick-up Store

  • 7/29/2021

The Nofalab Pick-up Store offers essential equipment for clients to conduct onboard chemical tests on their ship tanks at sea, before loading.

Shipping vessels are required to ensure their tanks are properly cleaned to avoid spoiling or contaminating their food and feed cargo. Typically, the effectiveness of tank cleaning operations is assessed by a wall-wash inspection, which includes PT-testing. These tests must be performed directly after cleaning, when the ships are at sea. As a result, its important that clients have the necessary equipment to be able to conduct these inspections themselves, before they begin loading.

NofaLab is a leading sampling and testing laboratory, based in Rotterdam, one of the world’s major trading ports, and specializing in the field of food, feed and environmental safety. In addition to offering wide range of testing and analysis services in our laboratory, Nofalab also operates a Pick-up Store to help our clients with the necessary test kits, lab consumables, and safety equipment they need to perform onboard tests on their ships.

The NofaLab Pick-up Store provides the following products for purchase:

  • Complete wall-wash test kits
  • Ready to use solutions
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for entering cleaned tanks
  • Laboratory consumables (i.e. pipets, Nessler tubes, wall wash funnels, sampling bottle,s etc.). Everything that is needed to perform a test on board.
  • Standard lab-graded chemicals like methanol, toluene, hexane etc.
  • Lab-graded Demi-water

To learn more about our Pick-up Store, or to make a purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

NofaLab also offers specific tests to control the purity, safety and authenticity of a wide range of elements and compounds. Our experts are on hand to help you with your enquiries, or to help arrange a certification for your business.

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