Accidents & Emergency Response Services

NofaMarsac rapidly deploys resources worldwide in response to shipping accidents or dangerous cargo mishaps.

With extensive years of hard-won experience, we’ve gained an outstanding working knowledge of the best approach to all kinds of dangerous cargo accidents. Our principal task is to safeguard salvage personnel and ship crewmembers, but also stevedores and others exposed to life or health threats. Our job is to maintain vessel or port-area safety.

We are dangerous goods specialists and expert marine chemists that offer advice and provide practical support for all safety matters during salvage operations involving hazardous materials. We are known for our ad-hoc solutions and advice, coupled with hands-on attitude on site during worldwide salvages of dangerous cargoes.

We offer inspections and assessments of toxic areas or confined toxic spaces on board any vessel. We can issue the legally recognized 'gas free certificates' and 'hot-work' permits. We take care of determination and monitoring of released toxic or explosive vapours.

We also do environmental analysis, can set-up and manage the removal or repackaging of dangerous cargo remnants while following all legal requirements. We provide chemical advice, when needed offer physical assistance and a constructive contribution to contingency planning.

Why Choose NofaMarsac?

  • Extensive years of experience
  • Salvage Chemists
  • Trained Hazmat Teams (e.g. for recovering and repacking dangerous cargo)
  • Onsite atmosphere testing and onsite (sea) water testing on pH
  • Onsite issuance of hot work and safe entry permits

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